From the people at The Good Crowd

Did you know that the very first flavour of ice cream ever created was CHOCOLATE?

It's true, and that's exactly what a group of ice cream enthusiasts were crafting in their modest home kitchen, where these individuals dedicated themselves to the meticulous art of handcrafting delectable ice cream.  It was in that very kitchen that their shared passion took root and set the stage for something truly extraordinary.

Our mission extended far beyond simply creating delightful treats. We aspired to bring joy and happiness to people's lives and build meaningful connections with everyone involved. From the dedicated suppliers who provided high-quality ingredients to the valuable partners who believed in our vision, from the hardworking service crew to the cherished customers who became part of our community, we sought to forge genuine relationships that went beyond business.

Thus, THE GOOD CROWD was born—a name that symbolised our desire to create a gathering place where people could come together. It was a tribute to the camaraderie found in shared moments, where cherished memories were made and delectable desserts savoured.

Our aspirations reached far beyond our humble beginnings. With a steadfast determination, we aimed to become the leading gelato brand in Singapore, continuously pushing boundaries, and delighting our loyal customers with innovative flavours and exceptional experiences.

Join us on our journey as we continue to create moments of happiness, one delicious scoop at a time.

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